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It was created to promptly acquire the technology needed in the changing air conditioning market and
the customer required technology and for R&D involving strategic deployment of new technology and products. The lab concentrates its research skills and resources in order to improve its technology development competencies, make more competitive products, create a basis for mid-to-long-term growth, and pioneer new markets.

R&D Achievements

  • All ceiling cassette FCU models developed
  • All heat recovery ventilation systems (ERV) models developed
  • Korea’s first 1-way slim cassette FCU developed
  • Electric hot air blower developed
  • Industrial air conditioner developed
  • Greenhouse farming unit developed
  • Electric boiler developed
  • All ceiling cassette models using EPP developed
  • Ceiling cassette FCU with inspection hole developed
  • GHP indoor unit (ceiling cassette or ceiling buried) developed
  • For-purchase R&D project completed
    (ultralight ceiling cassette fan coil unit that adopts
    anti-sweating technology)
  • Floor-buried slim FCU developed
  • Bypass ventilation system developed
  • Low-noise ceiling-buried FCU developed(for hotel)
  • Ductless ventilation system developed
  • Grilled panel with separately controlled wings
    for ceiling cassette FCU developed

Research Lab Vision & Mission

연구소 비젼 및 미션

Research Lab Organization